About Us

About Whitney Veterinary Clinic 

Whitney Veterinary Clinic is a full-service, mixed-animal veterinary practice located in Whitney, TX. We are fully equipped with the latest in-house lab equipment, digital x-ray, ultrasound, surgery, and dental equipment to meet all of your needs. We strive to stay current with new advances in medicine, treatments, and technology.

Our Mission

To provide the best service whose standard of care is outlined by our Creator, to provide the best possible care that is not dictated primarily by monetary means but by the needs of the patient, and to be a leading source of information to the public on animal health matters.

History of the Clinic

In 1971, Morris Wilkins, DVM, established Whitney Veterinary Clinic. The building, once used by a lumber company, quickly transformed into the town’s veterinary health center.

The original building was torn down in the 1980s. Tiny handprints lovingly placed in the cement years ago can still be seen today. The clinic serviced both large and small animals and continues to do so. Both doctors, James Prescher, DVM, and Morris Wilkins, DVM, made this clinic exceptional and irreplaceable. In 2019, the clinic was once again transformed, but the drive, compassion, and faith to keep this vital component of the community alive haven’t wavered.

We are animal lovers, owners, raisers, and enthusiasts like you. We share your joy and your compassion regarding our pets, and we genuinely understand how important animals are to us all. With over 90 years of combined veterinary medical training, we are ready to continue serving our community.