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Pet Behavioral Counseling

Numerous behavioral problems can affect your pets, such as inappropriate urination or defecation outside the litter box, clawing and other destructive habits, excessive vocalization, nervousness, and hostility. Here’s where we step in.

Pet Behavioral Counseling

To solve issues such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, clawing, digging, house soiling, and hostility, we can offer suggestions.

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Pet Behavioral Counseling

If you’re concerned about or bothered by an aspect of your pet’s behavior, we can help. Our expert can work with you and your pet to stop or change the behavior.

Many aggressive, fearful, or inappropriate behaviors in dogs and cats can be modified through a combination of desensitization and counter-conditioning. These techniques can have dramatic results when applied correctly. In some cases, medication can also help. Contact us for an appointment if you’d like to consult with our expert.

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